Schools & youth projects

There is no doubt about the many health, social and environment benefits associated with regular cycling, this is being confirmed by the numbers of schools and youth projects who have their own bikes for pupils to use.

Cycle re Cycle can help in many ways including:

Schools or youth projects have their own bicycles and on many occasions overlooking regularly maintaining them. This can lead to bicycles being unusable or unsafe when they are needed then activities may be reduced or cancelled. Cycle re Cycle have a wealth of experience maintaining school bicycles and can organise structured visits to come along and service/maintain/repair bicycles.

Want to encourage more young people to cycle but do not want to invest in buying bicycles until the need is confirmed. We can provide you with short term hire bicycles for you to use so as to establish if there is a need for buying them.

Our Bicycle Ambulance, a trailer towed by a bicycle can come along and inspect young peoples bicycles giving a report as to if they are safe and list any work need to them. This can then be used either for Cycle re Cycle to repair them at a later date or take to your local bicycle shop. A great way to get young people to cycle to school or the youth project, hopefully they will enjoy this and continue doing so.

Our Bicycle Ambulance can hold basic bicycle repair workshops tailored to the School/Youth Projects user’s needs and learning level. This can include ASDAN Certification to show their learning capabilities.

Thinking of holding a sponsored ride to raise funds, Cycle re Cycle can come along and inspect participants bicycles before the ride and our Bicycle Ambulance can take part in the sponsored rides with tools and parts that can repair most breakdowns so as the participant can continue on the ride and hence raise valuable income for you.