Maintenance & Repair Workshops

Then why not book on to one of our workshops that cover many aspects of repairing and maintaining your bicycle? Held at a pace designed to help you learn and remember what you’ve learnt. Our “Women Friendly” workshops are held by women for women and have proved popular

In the brief they cover:

Workshop 1
Personal health and safety with bike maintenance, cleaning and quick-lubing a bike, wheel and tyre removal, puncture repair

Workshop 2
Cables – adjusting and maintaining brakes and brake cables; adjusting and maintaining derailleur gears and gear cables (hydraulic brakes and hub gears are not covered)

Workshop 3
Bearings – adjusting and servicing headset and wheel bearings. Safety checking a bike and ‘fitting’ a bike to one’s height and reach.

Workshop 4
Brakes – brake disassembly, servicing and replacing brake components, brake assembly (Hydraulic brakes not covered)

Workshop 5
Gears – chain removal and servicing, front and rear gear disassembly, servicing and replacing gear components, gear assembly and setting (Hub gears not covered)

Workshop 6
Drive trains – disassembly, removal, servicing and assembly of chain rings, bottom bracket and freewheel/cassettes.

Workshop 7
Wheel truing and replacing a spoke.

For dates and costs please contact us.