About Us

Cycle re Cycle are a voluntary lead project who receives no regular or guaranteed income, our only income comes from the services that we provide.

We receive unwanted bicycles from several sources, many are donated by members of the public and Bradford M.D.C. This is where the fun start’s, these are sorted in to two groups, bicycles that are to be dismantled for spares or for recycling.

Parts are removed and cleaned then being put in to our parts store, this meaning that they are always ready for use or being sold. Un useable parts and frames are then put in to our “Piggy Bank” which is a storage container where we keep scrap metal. This is kept and, should the need arise sold to bring in emergency funding.

Bicycles that are being recycled are given a stock number and recycled to CTC Standard for the Safety of Used bicycles and undergo a 22 point check with any parts that need replacing being replaced. Where possible any parts fitted are recycled, occasionally this is not possible so we fit new parts.

Once these bicycles have been recycled they are sold, at low cost to bring in valuable funding or used for cycling activities. Organisations and people who have benefitted from our recycled bicycles include the Y.M.C.A., Action for Blind People, Barnardos Young Carers, Foster Parents, Students, the unemployed and those on low income